BG CT4 Coolant Transfusion System

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BG CT4 Coolant Transfusion System uses a vacuum to remove worn out coolant from the cooling system and then automatically draws new 50/50 coolant back into the system with no air pockets.

Engine coolant is under extreme pressure to perform. As coolant flows through the engine, it gradually loses its additives and thus becomes corrosive and unable to effectively dissipate heat from the engine or insulate it from the cold. Conventional drain-and-fill methods of changing coolant are time-consuming and messy.

BG CT4 is a coolant transfusion system that provides a quick and efficient alternative to traditional drain-and-fill coolant exchange methods, without the mess. Using a vacuum, it removes worn out coolant, then installs clean 50/50 coolant without any air bubbles. No vehicle disassembly required. The whole operation is performed through the radiator cap. It does away with the need to monitor gauges and adjust regulators, replacing them with a single-valve design.


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